The third home win in a row for Avtodor!

Avtodor turned the tide of the meeting with the Moscow MBA with a 27:4 spurt in the 3rd quarter thanks to a series of 6 three-pointers in 5 minutes, won back a double-digit gap and scored a third consecutive victory on home court with a score of 72:68 over the 4th league table team.

VTB United League. Regular Championship. 14th round.
Avtodor (Saratov) - MBA (Moscow) - 72:68 (11-13, 17-22, 29-11, 15-22).
Avtodor: Newman (25+6 rebounds+4 assists), Garrett (16+8 rebounds+3 steals), Zagorats (10+5 steals+4 rebounds), Nikolic (10+5 rebounds+2 steals), Minchenko ( 6).
MBA: Yakushin (14+6 rebounds), Lopatin (14+3 rebounds), Ravens (10).

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The best players of the game were Malik NEWMAN with 26 points (3/6 from behind the arc), 6 rebounds and 4 assists, as well as Brandon GARRETT , who had 16 points, 8 rebounds and 3 steals. The success of Avtodor was brought by a tight defense, which allowed the Volzhans to hold back the MBA attack at low percentages - only 35% of hits from the game.

Specialists and fans expected productive basketball from the match, but especially in the first half the teams relied on defense. As a result, the starting quarter was left for the MBA — 11:13 after 10 minutes of the game. A series of long-range hits from Platonov, Yakushin and Lopatin made the guests' lead two-digit - 15:25 after 2 and a half minutes from the beginning of the 2nd period. 7 points in a row from Newman helped Avtodor quickly return to the game - 22:25 to the equator of the quarter after the hardest "three" with a foul from the American defender. At the end of the first half, Minchenko gave an excellent stretch, delighting the audience with dunks and a block — 28:32. "Three" Pokinko sent the teams to a big break with the score 28:35 in favor of the MBA.

At the start of the second half, the Muscovites tried to break away (28:37), but they immediately received a devastating response from Avtodor. In 5 minutes, the hosts hit the opponents' ring 6 (!) times from behind the arc - Nikolic twice, Newman twice and Zagorac and Kolesnikov once more. After Newman's long-range hit, the scoreboard is already "+10" for the Volga players - 51:41 3:52 before the end of the 3rd period. Russo's wards did not stop there and continued to build up their leadership. Garrett converts his own interception into easy points in the breakaway and increases the difference in the score to the maximum "+14" - 55:41 after 16 points in a row and a total black-and-white spurt of 27:4 a minute and a half before the final break.

The MBA basketball players did not throw out the white flag and set off in pursuit, making a 14:3 dash at the junction of the quarters and approaching the throwing distance - 58:55 7:20 before the final siren after Voronov's two "threes" in a row. 2:36 before the end of the match, Newman jumped back the Volzhans to a comfortable "+7" (66:59). However, the guests managed to pull Avtodor into a tense ending with free kicks by Valiev and Lopatin - 66:63 1:10 before the end of the 4th period. At the decisive moment, Platonov missed the opportunity to equalize the score with a shot from behind the arc, and Newman punished the guests for tactical fouls 4 times “from the point” and returned the 7-point handicap in black and white – 70:63 with 10 seconds left. Yakushin's long-range hit "under the siren" only sweetened the MBA's bitterness of defeat - 72:68 the third victory in a row for Avtodor on its site!

Darko Russo's team will play their next match on December 8 in Nizhny Novgorod.

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