Sergey Khrebtov: "The guys survived and achieved victory due to their character"

Head coach of Avtodor-2 Sergey KHREBTOV shared his impressions of the victory in the home match of the regular season of the VTB United Youth League over Zenit-M ( 92:81 ):

“We defeated a strong team largely thanks to the strengthening in the face of Pranauskis, who actually brought us 60 points - he scored 37 himself, scored at least 22 points after his 11 assists. Pechkin and Reish played well. Today we made a lot of mistakes, but the guys did well, they were able to survive and achieve results largely due to their character. Any victory gives strength and psychological confidence. It is important for the guys to feel that they can play at a certain level against any opponent. Now the main thing is to keep this mood for tomorrow's match."

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