Molodezhka loses again to Runa-2

The capital 's "Runa-2" took the second home match from "Avtodor-2" with a score of 91:67 , despite Andrey FYODOROV's 25 points and 7 rebounds.

VTB United Youth League. Regular Championship.
Runa-2 (Moscow) - Avtodor-2 - 91:67 (21-14, 26-17, 22-10, 22-26).
Avtodor-2: Fedorov (25+7 rebounds), Ivanov (13+6 rebounds), Naumov (9+4 rebounds+4 assists), Pechkin (6+6 rebounds), Pechendzhiyan (4+3 rebounds), Adaikin (four).
Runa-2: Vanin (18+8 rebounds), Savitsky (13+4 assists+3 steals), Gankevich (11+7 rebounds), Schlegel (11+6 rebounds+3 steals), Sonin (11+6 rebounds+ 3 steals), Samoylenko (11+3 rebounds).

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Compared to yesterday's game, our guys have shown progress, reducing the number of losses by half (to 19). However, the low percentage of sales - 34% (23/67 from the game) - did not allow Avtodor-2 to impose a fight on one of the leaders of the regular season. Andrey FEDOROV , who scored 25 points (2/4 three-pointers) and added 7 rebounds to them, as well as Andrey IVANOV , who completed the meeting with 13 points, 6 rebounds (3 of them in attack), 2 assists and 2 interceptions.

Further, the team of Alexei Nuzhdin will stay in Moscow, where on the next weekend, on November 26 and 27 , they will play with MBA-2 , which confidently leads the standings of the VTB United Youth League.

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