Lokomotiv proceeded without stopping

Alexander PETENEVA's selfless game (19 points + 6 rebounds) did not save Avtodor from a home defeat with a score of 84:100 from Lokomotiv-Kuban , who gained momentum, which succeeded in a decisive 8-point spurt in the 3rd quarter.

Avtodor (Saratov) - Lokomotiv Kuban (Krasnodar Territory) - 84:100 (25-25, 20-26, 22-27, 17-22).
Avtodor: Petenev (19+6 rebounds), Zagorats (16+8 rebounds), Garrett (15+8 rebounds+3 assists), Boatwright (11+6 assists), Kolesnikov (9), Rebic (7+3 assists) ).
Lokomotiv Kuban: Martyuk (25+4 rebounds+4 assists), Willis (15+5 rebounds), Burford (14+4 rebounds), Yemchenko (10+6 rebounds+4 assists), Vedishchev (10+3 steals) ), Shcherbenev (9+5 assists).


As part of Avtodor, after only a few training sessions with the team, Malik NEWMAN made his debut, but one of the key players, Nikita MIKHAILOVSKY , was still absent due to an ankle injury. The Volzhans outperformed their opponents on the offensive board, collecting almost twice as many offensive rebounds (14 to 6). However, a high percentage of hits from the field (57%), coupled with extremely careful handling of the ball (only 6 losses in 40 minutes) helped Lokomotiv-Kuban take the victory away from Saratov.

Petenev equalized the score with a long-range shot at the end of the 3rd minute — 7:7. Shcherbenev in the aisle increased the lead of the guests - 9:15 by the middle of the starting quarter. Avtodor quickly managed to catch up with the opponents — 16:17 Zagorats' "three-man" from the corner 4 minutes before the first break. Long-range shots from Kolesnikov and Rebic in the last minute allowed the hosts to end the 1st quarter in a draw — 25:25.

Two minutes later, Boatwright put Avtodor ahead for the first time from the penalty line - 31:30. Enduan Peteneva and "three" Zagorats once again tipped the scales in our favor - 36:35 6:24 before the big break. Loko reacted with a 7:0 jerk and took the lead — 38:45 with 3 minutes left after Willis' dunk in a fast break. In the last attack of the guests, Willis cut the Volga defense with an extra pass, and Kvitkovskikh easily threw the ball into the basket - 45:51 in favor of the southerners after 20 minutes of the game.

Zagorac opened the second half of the "three" and brought the hosts closer to the throw distance - 51:54. Loko's 8-0 spurt in the middle of the 3rd quarter turned out to be decisive, helping the southerners break away by a double-digit distance - 53:67 after Willis' free kicks. A hit from behind the arc of Kolesnikov reduced the gap to the final game segment - 67:78. Unfortunately, instead of the expected chase, the black-and-whites in the debut of the 4th quarter missed the new 9-point dash of the “railroaders”, which was crowned with a dunk by Martyuk — 67:87 7:52 before the final siren. The team finished the game with youth squads, and Yemchenko exchanged a "hundred" for Loko in the last attack - 84:100 .

Avtodor will play its next match in Moscow on Friday, November 11 , against MBA .

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