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Friday, 27 November 2020

Zeljko Sakic: “Now We Are On 3-0 In Our Group & We Want More”

Avtodor forward press conference after a 79-62 Croatia NT win vs. Turkey.

Zeljko SAKIC
Avtodor forward:

“I just want to say how I’m happy for my team and the staff because we proved we are a great team and we can do some great things in the future. I think the first half was one of the best halves we had in these windows. In the second half Turkey started to play much harder and play better defense but in the end Miro [Bilan] was the best guy. I’m just happy of my teammates and my team. We are just moving forward. Now we are on 3-0 in our group and we want more. This is not our limit and I hope in the future we could manage something huge.”

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