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BC Avtodor Saratov is one of the most successful and titled Russian clubs ever. It was founded in 1960. All club's achievements and development were inseparably linked with the name of Vladimir RODIONOV, the permanent President of BC Avtodor Saratov, famous Russian coach, master of sports. In the 1990s and in the beginning of 2000s there was a period of legendary fights for the title between BC Avtodor Saratov and the Russian headliner CSKA Moscow. Our team has won the Russian Superleague regular championship twice. It has become the Russian Championship runner-up for 4 times and won the bronze medals of the Russian Championship twice. In 1998 the club advanced to the semifinal of Eurocup.
From 1992 to 2004, for 12 years in a row, BC Avtodor Saratov participated in the European club competitions including the 1998/99 Euroleague. The symbols of the club for years are Gintaras Einikis, Evgeny and Zakhar Pashutin, Andrey Maltsev, Victor Khriapa, Sergey Monia.
Additionally, BC Avtodor Saratov is well-known as the best factory of young players in Russia. Four Avtodor’s players were drafted by NBA clubs. Such famous basketballers like Evgeny and Zakhar Pashutin, Victor Khriapa, Sergey Monia, Semen Antonov, Vladimir Veremeenko, Yaroslav Korolev and many others started its basketball career in BC Avtodor Saratov.
Since 2012 the new era for BC Avtodor Saratov began. In 2013 the club finished 3rd in Russian second division, in 2014 – won the league and advanced to the VTB United League.
The debut season in the VTB United League was very successful for the club. BC Avtodor Saratov finished at the 7th place (17 wins in 30 games) and took part in the play-offs. It is the most spectacular team of the season playing fast basketball and scoring 90.6 points per game (the best result on points scored in the League). The spectacular basketball attracted 3978 spectators per home game which is also the best result in the League with a great advantage. In the VTB United League, BC Avtodor Saratov took a lot of outstanding wins during the season against such Euroleague & Eurocup teams like CSKA Moscow, BC Khimki Moscow Region, UNICS Kazan, Lokomotiv Kuban Krasnodar, Zenit Saint Petersburg, Krasny Oktyabr Volgograd (twice).
The team has also achieved the FIBA EuroChallenge Quarterfinal Round. BC Avtodor Saratov became the top team on points scored, assists, rebounds and blocked shots in the competition.
The club plays its home games at Kristall arena. The arena was newly reconstructed in 2014 in order to meet the modern requirements of the high-level competitions. The capacity of the arena is 5500 spectators. It was often overcrowded when BC Avtodor Saratov played against top teams. Many players, coaches and experts noticed unique and tremendous basketball atmosphere in the arena and powerful support from the fans.

The Russian Championship runner-up for 4 times (1993/94, 1996/97, 1997/98, 1998/99).
The Russian Championship bronze medal winner twice (1992, 1995/96).
The FIBA Europe Cup semi-finalist (1997/98).
The Superleague A winner (1996/97, 1997/98).
The Superleague B winner (2008/09).
The Superleague winner (2013/14).
The Superleague bronze medal winner (2012/13).

1992 г. — 3rd place in the I Russian Championship.
1992/93 — 4th place in the Russian Championship. The participation in the Korac Cup.
1993/94 — 2nd place in the Russian Championship. The participation in the Korac Cup.
1994/95 — 4th place in the Russian Championship. The participation in the FIBA Europe Cup.
1995/96 — 3rd place in the Russian Championship. The qualification to the third round of the Korac Cup.
1996/97 — The winner of the Superleague A regular championship, the Russian Championship runner-up, the FIBA Europe Cup 1/8-finalist.
1997/98 — The winner of the Superleague A regular championship, 2nd place in the Russian Championship, the FIBA Europe Cup semi-finalist.
1998/99 — The Russian Championship runner-up. The participant of the Euroleague group stage (defeating the future Euroleague ULEB champion Zalgiriz Kaunas in the group).
1999/00 — The FIBA Saporta Cup participant.
2000/01 — The Korac Cup participant.
2001/02 — 4th place in the Russian Championship (defeating CSKA Moscow in the quarterfinal series). The Korac Cup participant.
2002/03 — The participant of the FIBA Europe Cup Northern Conference.
2003/04 — The finalist of the FIBA Europe Cup Northern Conference.
2008/09 — The Superleague B Championship winner.
2012/2013 — 3rd place in the Superleague Championship.
2013/2014 — The winner of the Superleague regular championship, the winner of the Superleague Championship.
2014/2015 — 7th place in the VTB United League, the FIBA EuroChallenge Quarter-finalist.
2015/2016 — 6th place in the VTB United League, Eurocup "Last 32".
2016/2017 — 10th place in the VTB United League, Basketball Champions League Play-Off Qualification Round.

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