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Last news

Mouhammadou Jaiteh: “We're Determined & Ready To Fight For The Win”
Avtodor center statement before the VTB League road game against BC Enisey.
Avtodor Signed Kaspars Berzins
Avtodor has signed the deal with the 34-year-old Latvian bigman Kaspars BERZINS (213 cm, 105 kg) who will replace injured Isaiah Hicks. The agreement will act until the end of November.
Markel Starks: “We'll Bring The Wins Soon”
Avtodor guard statement after a 84-101 loss against BC Khimki.
Orlando Johnson: “We Have To Execute Better & Continue To Trust Each Other”
Avtodor forward statement after a 84-101 loss against BC Khimki.

Upcoming games

19.10.2019  15:00
Enisey   Avtodor

04.11.2019  18:00
CSKA   Avtodor

Last games

14.10.2019  19:00
Avtodor   Khimki

06.10.2019  17:00
Avtodor   Zielona Gora


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