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Dragon Was Tamed!
In Evgeny PASHUTIN's debut game of Avtodor in the VTB United League, Branden FRAZIER's three-point buzzer gave Avtodor a 85-82 road win over Tsmoki Minsk to secure the current 6th place in the team standings.
Branden Frazier: “The Last Shot? I Just Want To Thank My Teammates For Their Trust In Me”
Avtodor guard statement after a 85-82 road win over Tsmoki Minsk (Belarus).
Coty Clarke: “We'll Try To Follow Our Game Plan Both Offensively & Defensively”
Avtodor forward statement before VTB League game vs. Tsmoki Minsk (Belarus).
Earvin Morris: “We Had A Good Game Plan But We Got Down Early In The Beginning”
Avtodor forward statement after a 75-86 home loss vs. Nevezis Kedainiai (Lithiania).

Upcoming games

02.12.2017  14:00
Avtodor   N.Novgorod

05.12.2017  19:00
Avtodor   Benfica

Last games

19.11.2017  17:00
Tsmoki-Minsk   Avtodor

11.11.2017  19:00
UNICS   Avtodor


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