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Last news

Justin Robinson: “Zenit Made Us Pay By Capitalizing On Our Mistakes”
Avtodor point guard statement after a 80-91 road loss against Zenit.
Coty Clarke: “We'd Like This Season To Be Done In The Best Way”
Avtodor forward statement before the VTB League Quarterfinal series vs. Zenit.
Avtodor Is In TOP 10 Of VTB Regular Season!
Alley-oop Justin ROBINSON to Shaq MCKISSIC & Shaq to Micah DOWNS "Seattle connection" are in TOP 10 Plays of the 2017-18 VTB League Regular Season!
Avtodor Re-Signed Pashutin For Another Season
According to the agreement concluded between BC Avtodor & Evgeny PASHUTIN, the 49-year old specialist will continue to act as a head coach of Avtodor for the 2018-19 season.

Upcoming games

27.05.2018  18:00
Avtodor   Zenit

29.05.2018  19:00
Avtodor   Zenit

Last games

24.05.2018  20:00
Zenit   Avtodor

12.05.2018  13:00
Astana   Avtodor


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